Only Four Women Left in China

The WPA Women's World 9-Ball Championship is down to only four players left with a shot at the crown. The two from the upper bracket are Allison Fisher of Great Britain and Chang Shu-Han of Taipei. Chang Shu-Han cruised past her first opponent in the round of thirty-two, Lin Yun Mi of Korea, 9-1, but then ran into resistance in the sweet sixteen round. Monica Webb of the USA tested her well but faltered at the end of the journey and Shu-Han surpassed her 9-7. Then one of her Taiwanese cohorts, Lin Yuan Chun, took her to the hill before Shu-Han could eke out the win 9-8. 

Ms. Fisher buried her opponent in the round of thirty-two. Zheng Xiaochun of China fell before the Duchess 9-2. Then a familiar face to Fisher, Angel Paglia of the USA, offered little resistance as Fisher dominated their match to win 9-1. Fisher knew her next match would be a real tester. She had to take on Kim Ga-Young of Korea  and Kim has no fear of Fisher. But at the end it was Fisher who moved to the semi-finals with a 9-7 win.  

The bottom-bracket twosome consists of last years champion, Liu Shasha, and Fu Xiaofang, both of China. Both had no problems until they reached the round of eight. There Fu Xiaofang was challenged by Chou Chieh-Yu of Taipei. She was able to pul out the win, but with a 9-7 scoreline she could not have been overly comfortable with the win. 

Shasha had a bit of an easier time. Her round of eight opponent was Chen Siming of China and Siming put on a good show to get to a final result of 9-5. Now Shasha and Xiaofang must play one another to see who will take on the winner of the match between Fisher and Shu-Han.  As soon as we have a result and the name of the new champion we will let you know.