Ontario vs. Quebec: It was a Battle to the End!

Tiger CWPT “Go Canadiens”, as the tour travels to Quebec on May 3-4, 2008, in Brossard, Quebec, a great time for hockey and pool. The Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour stopped in LeSkratch, Brossard (south shore of Montreal) for their third event of the season. Room owner Tony Retsinas, welcomed all of the women to a spacious resto-bar atmosphere with 43 pool tables, awesome food and great service. Everyone had a great time travelling to the venue from Quebec and Ontario. There were 22 women who competed to qualify for the Women's Professional Billiards Association Carolina Classic taking place September 10-14, 2008 in Durham, North Carolina, sponsored by Tiger Products and LeSkratch. Susan Wipper wins the event after a long battle to the very end with the local hero Veronique Menard.

On Saturday, there were some surprising results which some of the favorites were sent packing early in the tournament, leaving it up to the new future players on Sunday: Christine Gauthier, Veronique Menard, Leanne Amable, Janet Ritcey, Susan Wipper and Marina Linguerri. At the A-side semi-final match, Linguerri didn't bring her A game with her and Wipper cleans the match sending Linguerri to the B-side. At the B-side final, Linguerri faces off with local favorite Veronique Menard from Quebec, who has been trying to qualify in Florida. In this match Menard is on mission and played a solid game against Linguerri on the match table. Linguerri settled for 3rd place and Menard is on her way to the event final.

In the final, Menard had to defeat Wipper two sets of races to 7. There were many run outs on for both women. In the first set, Menard played a great game as she made some kick shots and run outs. With a 7 –4 score the second set was called.

In second set, both ladies battled it out, knotting the score at 4-4 apiece until Wipper breaks the chain and she wins two more rounds. With a 6-4 score Wipper is on the hill. Menard feels the pressure but she is determined to win and came back to tie the match at a double hill. In the final rack, the match came down to the last four balls and the pressure comes right back on Menard as this is the last chance to grab her title, but then she had an unfortunate misse on the 6-ball. Wipper goes back on the table and ran out the last four balls. Menard settles for 2nd place and Wipper wins her first Championship win. Way to go Susan!