Williams comes back on top and wins the 2009 WPBA Qualifier

Naomi Williams

The event was held at Dakota Sports Club (Formerly Masse Hall) owned by Brian Cameron on September 6 – 7 2008. The newly renovated place includes 6 black crown and 8 bar box tables. $1000.00 was added to the event sponsor by Dakota Sports Club and Tiger Products which included the 2009 WPBA Classic Qualifier. Many ladies joined this event to fight their status for the end of year points and to win the prestige package; however, Williams proven her experience and determination to win it all. “It doesn't matter when Williams dominates in the game or fights her way on the b-side, she always come back on top", said Carolina Fernandez, CEO of the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour.

On Sunday saw the returning players of Naomi Williams, Denise Belanger, Darlene Gardiner, Sharlene Watkinson, Veronique Menard and Corrine Johnson. At the hot seat match, Menard ousted Williams with a close match sending Williams to other side. At the one loss side bracket, the field grew smaller , Belanger takes out Johnson and Gardiner wins over Watkinson and Belanger. This earned her match with Williams in the final B-side. Although Gardiner played outstanding, Williams was on fire and Gardiner just couldn't capitalize Williams's safeties and 9-ball combos. Gardiner settles for 3rd place and Williams gets her wish to avenge Menard in the finals.

In the final hot seat match, Williams once again bringing her A game on the table as she leads the score 4-0. In game 5, Menard comes back with two more wins, but Menard struggled in the next couple of rounds trying to complete the rack. Williams takes the win and finished the next couple of matches with two more run outs with a 7 –2 score, that leads to the 2nd set of this true double elimination bracket.

In the 2nd set, Menard finally makes her way back with a couple of run outs and nice safeties; however, Williams kick shots and run outs has proven to be stronger which puts Williams on the hill. In game 10, William breaks and finds a nice run out table, but she lands the cue ball tough to pocket the 3-ball. She decides to play safe by sending the cue ball behind the 6-ball. Menard attempts to jump shot, but the cue ball misses the 3-ball. Williams takes ball and hand and continues to finish the rack. There are a few balls left on the table and Williams attempts to pocket the 8-ball in the corner with shape for the 9-ball, but the cue ball lands on a tough bank shot. Williams decides to cut it in the corner. The 9-ball missed the pocket and luckily lands a tough shot for Menard. She attempts the shot and missed. Finally Williams pockets into the corner and finished the match. With a 7 – 3 score, Menard settles for 2nd place and Williams wins the match. Menard played outstanding for her first season, which earned her a number one spot in the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour for most points. Congratulations to all players who earned their status due to their hard work and dedication. Practice does pay off! See you at the final stop at the Wooden Rack, Mississauga, ON on October 18-19, 2008.

Total: $1675.00 with $1000.00 added. This also includes the WPBA qualifier package.