Williams scores a Hat Trick at the Tiger Product event

Naomi Williams

On May 5 – 6 2007, the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held Tour Stop # 3 at Pool Paradise with $500.00 added, sponsored by Tiger Products and Pool Paradise. In this event, Williams pulls a 3-0 Hat Trick CWPT record win!

Pool Paradise, owned by Kenny Chen, has been hosting these events since CWPT has opened up, and regrettably this event is the last event as Pool Paradise is closing its doors on May 31st. “We are very sad that we are losing a great room host, and Kenny Chen has been superb with the ladies in every event. Thank you Kenny Chan and his family for all your support!”, said Carolina Fernandez, CEO”

On Sunday saw the returning six players, Naomi Williams, Maureen Seto, Susan Wipper, Brittany Bryant, Carrie Dwyer and Darlene Gardiner who are all ready and up for the challenge.

With the B-side matches, the field grew smaller as Bryant defeats Dwyer (6,5), and Gardiner who is on fire, defeats Susan Wipper (6,5) who settles for 5th/6th, and Brittany Bryant (6,3) who settled for 4th place. Gardiner reaches for a B-side final re-match challenge with Williams who was defeated by Seto in the A-side finals.

The B-side final match looks to be an exciting battle. At the last event in Barrie, Williams defeated Gardiner in the finals but it was a very close match, and Gardiner is looking for a great re-match. In the 11th rack, in this handicap event, with a tied score 5-5, Gardiner (races to 6) is on the hill and is playing strong, thus adding more pressure for Williams (races to 8). But Williams' luck turned around, as Gardiner made a costly rattle on the 7-ball in the corner. Williams takes advantage of the situation and runs out the rack. With full control of match Williams runs out the next two games. The score is 7-5. In the 13th frame, Williams rattles the 5-ball in the side. Gardiner finally is able to pick up her cue, runs up to the 6-ball but scratches and Williams finishes the rack. With a score of 8-5, Gardiner settles for 3rd place and Williams heads back to the A-side for re-match with Seto.

Tuning into the tournament finals, Williams faces off with Seto. Both players exceptional competitors in the WPBA. In the 4th rack, the score is 2-1. Seto breaks and runs up to the 3-ball. Williams calls a ref for a close shot. Seto examines her shot carefully and sinks into the corner pocket. “Nice Shot”, said one of the spectators. Seto takes the 4 and 5-ball, but rattles the 6-ball into the corner. Luckily Seto was able to land a hook shot. Williams tries to defend her table with a kick shot from the rail, but it fired into the corner. Seto runs the rack. In the 7th frame, Williams knots the score 3-3 after some amazing rail to rail shape shots and costly mistakes by Seto. Williams breaks and runs up to the 7-ball leaves it safe. Seto comes back with her defense shot and returns the same favour. Both are not budging. Finally, Seto tries the 7-ball in the corner but the cue lands into the pocket. Seto sits back at the seat and wondering what went wrong. Williams runs out the rack. In the 10th rack, Williams puts up threee more scores and this time Williams sees a 2 to 9-ball combo, but the cue ball scratches in the side. Seto sees the light but it was a short fuse after a 6-ball hanger in the corner. Williams takes control of the table once again and runs the rest of the rack. Williams is on the hill. In this true Double Elimination format, Williams needs to win one more rack to go to Round 2. But in this match it was a tough table and no one is budging as both players played their best defensive game. Williams hooks Seto and Seto kicks with a return hook as well. This time Williams kicks out the 2-ball but landed a great leave for Seto. Seto shoots the 2-ball in the corner and unexpected cue-ball foul into the side. Williams takes control on the table and finish the rack. With a score 8-3, the players go to Round 2.

After a break, Round 2 has been called. Seto wins the lag and sets the first score on the board. Williams returns the favour and knots it at 1-1. In the 10th rack, Seto is on fire and leads a score of 7-3 which puts her on the hill. The pressure is on for Williams who needs a miracle to defeat Seto. Seto breaks and leaves a safety shot on the 1-ball. Williams banks the 1-ball into the pocket, but the cue-ball lands a tough shot for the 2-ball. Williams decides to hook Seto. Seto misses the kick shot. Williams takes the ball and hand shot, but the pressure was too much and she missed the shot. Seto takes the 2-ball shot into the corner, but misses with another hanger nightmare! Williams was relieved of what had happened and finishes the rack perfectly. In the next three racks, Williams got her miracle as Seto wasn't able to capitalize the key shots on the table allowing Williams to take three more matches.

In the 14th frame, the score is 7-6 and both players are hanging in for the win. One player hooks and the other kicks the shot. The table finally opens up after Williams pulls the jump cue out and kicks the 2-ball which landed a good leave for Seto. Seto takes the two ball but wasn't able to finish the rack as the cue-ball left a tough shot on the 4-ball. Seto kicks the shot, but lands a great corner shot for Williams. Williams runs the rack and sinks the 9-ball in corner. Williams turned to see the cue-ball and the cue-ball was heading towards the pocket. Williams speaks out loud “Don't get funny on me!” With a sigh of relief, the cue ball rattled at the pocket and Williams takes a match score.

In the 15th rack, the match is hill-hill, and the pressure is on for both players. Williams breaks but it was a tough shot on the 2-ball. Williams calls a push, but she left a disaster combo 2 – 9 shot. Seto checks the play, but she sees it differently. The 9-ball is too close to the rail and the 2-ball might not be able to sink the 9-ball in. Seto plays a two-way shot and carom the 2 to the 9 ball instead of the combo. Seto wasn't able to pocket the 9-ball. Seto sits down on her seat and felt she could have done something different with the carom shot. Williams is back on the table and makes a great shot on the 2-ball that landed perfect shape for the 3-ball and the rest is history! With a score 8-7, Seto settles for 2nd place and Williams wins a miracle game and a CWPT record Hat Trick at the Tiger Products Battle in Paradise Event at Pool Paradise.