Williams is indeed the Canadian Queen of Pool

Naomi Williams

On October 18 – 19 2008, the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held its last stop of the year at the Wooden Rack in Mississauga, Ontario. The event was $1,000.00 added, sponsored by Tiger Products and the Wooden Rack. Before the tournament took place, annual awards and cash prizes were handed to all the top players, and a video presentation was shown to all players, highlighting the five year history of the tour. The video was sponsor by CF Promotions. Awards were handed out to Darlene Gardiner for Most Improved Player, Corrine Johnson for Second Chance Queen, Naomi Williams for 3rd Place Overall (in tour points), Denise Belanger for 2nd Place Overall and Veronique Menard, who accumulated the most tour points over the season and was awarded 1st Place Overall. A shoot-out was held for tied points in the Most 9s on the Break between Darlene Gardiner and Kristy De Vries. A subsequent tie-breaker took place for Most 9-ball Runs between Brittany Bryant and Naomi Williams. At the end, Darlene Gardiner wins the Most 9s on the Brea and Naomi Williams wins the Most 9-ball Runs  for the fifth year in a row.

On Sunday saw the return of six players: Naomi Williams, Veronique Menard, Krista Walsh, Brittany Bryant, Maureen Seto and Sophie Houle. In the match for the hot seat, Williams faced Bryant, with the match going to double hill before Williams succeeded and sent Bryant to the B-side final. The field on the one-loss side became smaller as Walsh defeated Houle and subsequently Menard ousted both Seto and Walsh thereafter.  Menard is matched up with Bryant in the B-side finals. In the after 11 racks, the score is 6-5 and in this handicapped race (8 for Menard, 7 for Bryant), each player needed two more racks to win; Bryant pulled her game together and set up an amazing safety shot that Menard wasn't able to get out of. Bryant runs the table to get on the hill.  In the 13th rack, Menard made a nice run to the 8-ball but poor positioning resulted in a miss on this key shot. Bryant took advantage of the easy set up and she wrapped up the match. With 7-6 final score in favour of Bryant, Menard settled for 3rd place and Bryant is back on the hot seat train.

In the tournament finals with a true double elimination format, Bryant needed to win twice to defeat Naomi Williams, the Canadian Queen of Pool. In the first set, both players played strong and it was a close match between them, but Bryant prevailed in a double hill match to force the second set.  In the first rack of round two, Williams was on fire, sending her cue ball with nice shape on the 9-ball that was frozen to the rail. In the fourth frame of the set, Williams is leading 3-0, but a turn of events occurred as she miscalculated her stroke and the 7-ball rattled in the corner pocket leaving Bryant an opening to complete the rack. This turning point was positive for Bryant as she took two more scores after. Williams fought back through the match with a nice massé shot and a few safeties to grind out a rack to make the match double hill. It the deciding rack, Bryant rattled the 5-ball in the corner pocket leaving an advantage for Williams. Then luck was not on Williams' side as the cue ball landed a tough shot for the 7-ball in the corner. Williams decided to hook the cue ball behind the 9-ball. It was indeed a very nice safety shot. Bryant attempted the kick shot but missed. Williams took ball-in-hand and cleaned up the table. With an 8-6 final score, Bryant settled for 2nd place and Williams was crowned the new Queen of the Mountain 2009 Championship.