Orcollo Vs Yang IN Manila

MANILA, PHILIPPINES---THEY'RE both no world champions, and neither do they hold any major title, but Dennis Orcollo and Yang Ching-Shun are two of the most feared pool players in the planet.

Curiously, despite being from neighboring Philippines and Chinese-Taipei and frequently visiting each other's turf, they have not met yet in any match – in tournament or in money-game, where they are both the acknowledged kings in their respective countries.

But the long wait will soon be over as Orcollo and Yang have agreed to settle the score on who between them truly rules the money-game industry, not just in Asia but in the world as well, as they cross path in a race-to-sixty 9-Ball duel on April 20 to 22 tentatively set at the Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City.

Besides the prestigious claim, Orcollo and Yang will also dispute the $10,000 (P490,000) at stake in the contest.

“It's all about the money,” quipped Perry Mariano, whose Bugsy Promotions is organizing the event in cooperation with Rocketman Enterprises.

Ramon “Mon” Tuason, head of Rocketman Enterprises and founding chair of the defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA) said: “There is no element of luck in the race-to-60 battle between Yang and Orcollo. The better cue artist will win.”

“It's a given fact that many are lured to billiards because of money, and more than the tournaments, it's the money-game that is keeping the industry alive. And Dennis and Yang are on the top of that ladder,” added Mariano.

Known it will be, definitely.

The 27-year-old Orcollo is heavily regarded as the best money-game player in the Philippines that no one dared to challenge him except in a handicapped match with him giving the opponent an advantage – huge advantage most of the time.

Moreover his home soil, this Surigao del Sur native has been making mammoth waves in the international money-game scene, most recent of which was in the 2007 Derby City Classic in Kentucky a couple of weeks ago, where he stole the spotlight from the tournament proper by winning a couple of nationally-televised side events in sweeping fashion, as well as a number of privately arranged money-game matches.

Unfortunately, Orcollo is not as lucky in formal tournaments, where his greatest achievement so far is the title conquest of the 2006 World Pool League.

In that category, he ranks below the likes of world champions Efren “Bata” Reyes, Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan, and Ronato “Ronnie Calamba” Alcano, all of whom he usually beat in the money-game.

Like Orcollo, Yang is a dreaded cue artist, especially in money-game, that he is considered a pool legend in Taiwan.

The 27-year-old Yang is a former two-time Asian Games gold medallist, and Asian 9-Ball Tour overall champion.

But he too has not won a major tournament, having beaten to the draw by Pong Fang-Chao, and Wu Chia-ching, his compatriots who had wore the world championship crown.

Both Orcollo and Yang are hoping and keen on nailing the big one. But in the meantime, they will first settle who between them is the money-game's number one.