Orcollo wins Bar Box 8-Ball Title

Dennis Orcollo

Dennis Orcollo completed an undefeated run through the field of 227 players to win the US Bar Table Championship 8-Ball division.

Orcollo finished in 4th place in the 9-ball division after falling to Edwin Montal on the one loss side. It would be these same two players playing again for the hot-seat in the 8-ball division with Orcollo coming out on top this time.

On the one loss side, Montal faced off against American Shane Van Boening. Van Boening is known as one of the top bar table action players in the country, and the match against Montal was a tight one. Van Boening raced to an early lead, but Montal fought back to tie the score at hill-hill on Montal's break. Montal was the first player with a serious chance to win the final game, but a scratch late in the run gave ball in hand to Van Boening. Van Boening ran down to one ball and left himself hooked. A poor safety attempt by Van Boening left the table open for Montal and he took complete advantage running out for the match win.

Second place would have to be enough for Montal though as the rematch with Orcollo was a dominating 5-1 score in favor of Orcollo.

Orcollo earned $10,000 for first place, while Montal pocketed $6,000 for second. Montal also finished second in the 9-ball division after a loss to Mike Davis in the finals.

Complete 8-Ball Payouts:
1 Dennis Orcollo $10,000.00
2 Edwin Montal $6,000.00
3 Shane Van Boening $3,500.00
4 Ramil Gallego $2,000.00
5/6 Gerardo Jamito, Max Eberle $1,500.00
7/8 Greg Hogue, Antonio Lining $1,000.00
9/12 Steve Rector, Oscar Guerrero, Tinsley Johnson, Jason Kirkwood $750.00
13/16 Frankie Hernandez, Shannon Murphy, Bernardo Chavez, Morro Paez $550.00
17/24 T.J. Davis, Jose Parica, Derek Pogirski, Carlos Santos, Warren Kiamco, T.R Olson, Josh Johnson, Mark Showalter $375.00
25/32 Donald Hlousek, Gabe Owen, Robert Burns, Jacob Sawicki, Kevin Cardinal, Steve McAnich, Tyler Edey, Ernesto Deminguez $250.00
33/48 Doug Whaley, Nick Kruger, Marek Derek, Steve Cherewyk, Britt Schwartzer, Walter Glass, Joonas Ohtonen, Don McClelland $150.00, Amar Kang, Eric Durbin, Jon Pinegar, Mike Zimmerman, Jonny Warren, James Walden, Tony Chohan, Robert Rosa $150.00

Photo courtesy of Anthony Webb