Ortmann #1 : USA’s Deuel & Williams Surprise Top Seeds at Predator World 14.1 Championship

Deuel will enter the next stage of the event as #2 seed, and the top seeded American

Parsippany, New Jersey-  Oliver Ortmann's dominance of Group 2 has been unparelled compared to the previous years of the Predator World 14.1 as he utterly blitzkreiged his opponents. Ortmann held all of his opponents to 10 points or less, with two matches where he ran perfect 100's . Surprisingly is USA's  Corey Deuel  and Charlie Williams who not only went undefeated in their groups, but edged out the Europeans to take the #2 and #3 spots in the stage 2 cut of the Predator 69th World 14.1 Championship presented by Ozone Billiards. The Dragon Promotions revived event is in its 4th consecutive year alive with help of industry giants such as Predator, Ozone Billiards, Brunswick Billiards, Simonis Cloth, Master Chalk, Aramith Balls, Accu-Stats and the Laser Rack.  Comet Billiards will host this year's event which will start play on August 24, 2009 and end August 29. The greatest straight pool players from around the world will arrive on USA's east coast again to New Jersey, and attend this prestigious event to play for the coveted title of World Straight Pool Champion.

Ortmann  completely dominated his group, with only 62 total points scored against him in 5 matches. Unheard of. Ortmann started the day with a 100 ball run over Israel's Zion Zvi, keeping Zvi at 1. He ended the day with a 100 ball run shutout of USA's Bill Maropulos. Corey Deuel's unconventional side pocket break shot style earned him the #2 seeded spot as he went undefeated in Group 6. Charlie Williams below par pattern play but outstanding shotmaking earned his #3 spot undefeated. Both USA players stayed ahead of undefeated Europeans Mika Immonen of Finland (4th seed), Stefan Cohen of France (5th Seed), and German's Thorsten Hohmann (6th seed).

"These German contingent of Ortmann, Hohmann, and Eckert are incredible. They are the real deal and they look near unstoppable," said an astonished Pat Fleming, Founder of Accu-Stats.

Other notable highlights:

-Minutes after Ortmann's finale 100 ball run of the night, Immonen started at a -1, and ran 101 and out against Robert Madenjian. Immonen claimed the daily $100 bonus for his high run.

-Madenjian had an intersting match with Germany's Ralph Eckert the match before where he led 97-86 needing 3 balls for the win to stay undefeated. He eventually got to 99-96, but missed a hard combo in the stack and succumbed 100-99 before Immonen's dismantling of him.

-Earl Herring, with only 2 wins, edged out a 3-way tie with Bob Jewitt and Jeremy Sossei to be the first African American to make the cut at the event.

-The first player from the middle east ever to play in a World 14.1 competition, Jordan's Zaid Thweib survived Group 1 with THorsten Hohmann, who he actually led against with a 70 ball run before Hohmann defeated him. Zaid advances to the final 24.

Fans can watch live online at www.accu-stats.com

Per day tickets can be bought at the door during the event.

The Mosconi High Run Award Will Pay $500 to the players with overall high run of the event plus $100 to the highest run each day.

The high run prizes are sponsored by Jay Helfert of Los Angeles CA, and Louis Pannullo of Queens, NY.