Parisian & Morris Kings of the Hill

Tony Crosby and Tim Parisian

The Poison tours latest stop was at Capones Billiards lounge in Spring Hill Florida, 2,5,2011. Saturdays $1000 added amateur event would see 52 players show up. Tim Parisian a player known more from the Joss North East Tour would now make his name known in Florida by making his way to the hotseat with strong wins over Wayne Thomas 7-3, John Stucky 7-5, Jarred Schlauch 7-5, Jerry Troisi 7-6, Joe Scarborough and then a 7-3 win over Coot Highsmith to capture the hotseat.

On the one loss side Louie Smith AKA the Spoiler was living up to his nickname with 7 wins back to back before running into another local player making a name for himself Bill Delisle, leaving Smith in 7th. Delisle would finish 5th after a 5-4 loss to Mike Destefano, Who would then lose to Joe Scarborough. Scarborough Would then beat Coot Highsmith 5-0 to set up a final match with Parisian.

The final would be a classic with Parisian coming out of the gates strong to take a commanding 6-3 lead only for Scarborough to rally back and take the set 7-6 to force a one rack shoot out. Parisian would finally get his chance navigating his way through a very tough rack to be crowned Poison Tour Champion.

Sunday would see 29 players show up for the $1000 Added open event, 3 Ladies would take advantage of the $20 entry fee into what would prove to be a very strong field. With the likes of Rodney Morris and Corey Deuel capones House pro's, Mike Davis, Tommy Kennedy, Tony Crosby, Hunter Lombardo and John Ditoro to mention a few. Deuel would make his way to the hotseat match with strong wins over Tony Crosby 7-4, Hunter Lombardo 7-6 and then a 7-5 win over Han Berber. Rodney Morris was not looking to be upstaged as he on home court as he made his way through to face Deuel  with wins over Avi Vega 7-4, Casey Merrel 7-2, Chris Sepluveda 7-3 and then Steve Goulding 7-1 to set up a match with Deuel. This would be another classic going all the way with Morris coming out on top with a 7-6 win. While all this was going on Mike Destefano was causing havoc on the one loss side with wins over Tony Crosby 6-3, Chris Sepluveda 6-5, Han Berber 6-1,  Steve Goulding 6-1 and then a strong 6-4 win over Corey Deuel to Spoil the Capones party. Morris would prove to be to tough and would come through with a 7-3 win to take the Poison tour title playing with a Poison Cue.

The Tour would like to thank room owner Rocky Mcelroy and his staff for hosting a great event. The tour was also trying to raise money for the YMCA annual giving campaign, Tony Crosby donated $200 plus two cues one was raffled off with another $300 being raised and this was then matched by Open winner Rodney Morris donating $500 from his own pocket. The other cue was signed bye all the pro players on the day and will also be raffled of at the next event with 100% of the proceeds going to the YMCA.

Our next stop will be at Park Avenue Billiards, Jacksonville FL 2,26,2011. This is a brand new room which could prove to be one of the best venues for hosting events in Florida. Come out to watch or play and you will see why. Jacksonville is also the home town for our title sponsors Poison, Which is made by Predator cues so expect some bonus giveaways and a little extra fun.

Amateur payouts.
1st Tim Parisian $600
2nd, Joe Scarborough $400
3rd, Coot Highsmith $300
4th, Mike Destefano $200
5th-6th, Bill Delisle, Jason Bowen $140
7th-8th, Jason Attkison, Louie Smith, $100
9th-12th, Neil lalone, Chris Gentile, Steve Goulding, Jerry Troisi $70
13th-16th Everette Elliveau, Rick Gatta, Derek Greenwood, Dale Campbell $50

Open Payouts,
1st, Rodney Morris $600
2nd, Mike Destefano $400
3rd, Corey Deuel $300
4th, Steve Goulding $200
5th-6th, Louie Smith, Han Berber $100