Parker Wins 2011 FBT Opening Event

Joanne Mason Parker

Ft. Pierce, Fla. (Jan. 29, 2011) – JoAnn Mason Parker won the 2011 Flamingo Billiards Tour opening event at Ultimate Billiards last Saturday in Ft. Pierce, FL, making this the third FBT event in a row that Parker has won.  

Parker had a tough match against veteran player Chris Ann Fields in the final matchup.  At 2-0 Parker overcut the nine, allowing Fields to get on the board, 2-1.  Fields took four games in a row to go up 4-2.  In game seven, Parker tried a 2-9 carom but missed. Fields later missed a 5-9 carom letting Parker close the gap, 3-4.  In game eight, Parker kicked at the 3-ball which she hit but scratched, giving ball-in-hand to Fields, who comboed the 3-9 to go up 5-3.  Not giving up, in game nine Parker played safe on the 4-ball forcing Fields to kick, which she did.  However, Parker had a shot on the 4 and went on to take the game, closing the gap again 4-5.  In game 10, Fields made three balls on the break but Parker took the game and tied the match at 5-all.  Parker broke the next game and missed a safety, leaving Fields a shot on the one.  Parker forced Fields to kick at the 2-ball, and Fields missed giving ball-in-hand to Parker.  With a lot of safety play, and Fields jumping off the table, Parker went on to take the next games and the match.

Earlier in the day Parker defeated Melissa Durkin 7-0, Jessica Barnes 7-3, Vanessa Seaver 7-2 and Christie Cloke 7-2.  Parker met up with Seaver, who had been playing in the zone all day, again in the semi-finals and knocked Seaver out 7-2.  

Fields made it to the finals by defeating Mimi McAndrews 7-0, but was sent to the one loss side by Christie Cloke, 7-4.  Fields went on to win over Susan Martin 7-0, and Jessica Barnes 7-1.  Fields matched up with Helene Caukin in the semi-finals beating Caukin 7-3.

Many thanks again to room owners Bill Mallen and Gary Gilsanan (, for being a great host and supporting the Flamingo Billiards Tour.