Lonnie Fox-Raymond

Foxy Nickname
1977-07-09 Birthdate
USA Country
Adrian, Mi Residence
Schon, Predator, Stealth Equipment(s)


Her home pool rooms are Diamond Jims and Club 109 in Adrian, MI. She began playing pool at 19 and won her first state championship at 20! She has since won more than 30 Michigan State Vnea and BCA titles!! Some of her major accomplishments include:

  • Numerous VNEA & BCA national places and titles
  • 2011 Advanced/Masters BCA Champion
  • 3 time Indiana VNEA state champion
  • 3 time Ohio BCA state champion
  • Currently ranked #50 in the WPBA
She credits John Binion and Brandon Ashcraft as her biggest influences in pool. Playing Equipment: Schon with a Jacoby Black shaft BK Rush break cue Stealth jump cue Predator cue case Sponsors: LNR Productions Adrian Steel Straight Pool Eye