Philippine Open Day Two

The Philippine Open has progressed to the point where the fields begin to thin and some of those who have been culled are not among the names one might expect. Both Shane Van Boening and Allison Fisher have been knocked out of the tournament without enjoying a single victory. And they are not the only surprise players headed for the exits. Kenny Kwok of Hong Kong is out after being drummed 9-3 by Chang Yu Lung. Pei-Wei Chang, perennial quarterfinalist in the World 9-Ball event, was sent home 9-6 by Ramil Gallego. Canadian John Morra has also been shown the door, as have Jerico Banares, Jeff De Luna, Marlon Manalo, and Demosthenes Pulpul,  

On the men's winners side of the bracket the lower half is one killer field of players. Po-Cheng Kuo is set to play Marcus Chamat, Thorsten Hohmann will play Ricky Yang, Jason Klatt will go against Darren Appleton and Ralf Souquet will battle Dennis Orcullo.

The ladies are also winding their way towards the finish line. Fatalities there include Monica Webb and Line Kjorsvik, The key match-ups today on the winner's side show just how strong the women's game has become in Asia. Yu Ram Cha will play Yun-Mi Lim as Siming Chen plays Jasmin Ouschan.  The lower half of the bracket finds Yu Han against Chieh-Yu Chou and Sha Sha Liu faces Jing Wu.