Pipken Takes Down APA Mile High Top Gun

Robert Gleitz, Kris Pipken, Dave Rasmussen and Justin Ohm

The Colorado Cue Club welcomed 53 area APA players for it's first “Mile High Top Gun” event.  The event is an invitational and players were invited based on their spring session winning percentages.  The area APA charter, Mile High Pool Leagues, provided the list of qualifying players and the Cue Club provided the venue and trophies for first, second, and third place.

The format, which could be called ‘soft bracketing', groups the different handicaps (2 thru 7) in the first round and plays out as a traditional double elimination tournament ensuring every skill level of a chance to at least get in the money.

Matching up in the finals of the winners side were Kris Pipken as a seven and Dave Rasmussen as a three.  Pipken went on to win the set and claim the coveted hot seat.  Dave went over to the one loss side to await the winner of Robert Gleitz, rated a four, and Justin Ohm who is also rated a four.  Justin, who's only loss thus far was to Pipken, went on to defeat Robert and Dave consecutively for another crack at Kris in the finals.  However, this was Kris' day as he would go on to claim the beautiful first place trophy.  Congratulations to Kris, Justin, Dave and the rest of the players who finished in the money!

The summer session Mile High Top Gun will be at the Cue Club sometime in October so, players, watch for the announcement.  We are also looking into providing a championship event inviting the “best of the best” Mile High Top Gun participants.  Stay tuned.

Final Standings

1st    Kris Pipken        $210 + Trophy
2nd    Justin Ohm        $160 + Trophy
3rd    Dave Rasmussen      $110 + Trophy
4th    Robert Gleitz        $75
5th    Brent Wagner        $50
5th     Anthony Gonzales    $50
7th     Tim Goldsmith    $30
7th     Treavor Forester    $30
9th     Will Kawamura    $20
9th    Alex Towler        $20
9th    James    Lyman        $20
9th    Danny Padilla        $20