Players Shoot For Piece of Pie At Fortune Bay Casino in Minnesota

The latest Six Arrows event took place at Fortune Bay Casino ( in Tower, Minnesota, over the weekend of November 21st-23rd.  The players that came out on top at this $6000 added event are listed below.

In the men's open, ninety-four players found there way to the casino, with Jesse Engel topping out the field to take home the $1100 prize.

1st Jesse Engel $1100
2nd Gilles LaCompte $820
3rd Tom Blomquist $500
4th Dan Herman $400
5th-6th Johnny Niesen/Brad Vollmers $320
7th/8th Chase Plumley/Steve Schulte $240
9th-12th Bruce Carrier/Randy Cheechoo/Bill Frisby/Don Lillo $160
13th-16th Rich Ciponi/Larry Johnson/Bob Rother/Richard Urbanick $80
17th-24th Steve Baker/Art Engstrom/Mike Hensel/Gary Lillo/Gerald Mosher/Chris Streilein/Dennis Truong/Scott Wessels $40

The men's masters division brought in a total of eighteen players:

1st Vince Chambers $1000
2nd Jeff Clare $700
3rd Dwight Boucher $340
4th Marcos Aleman $200
5th-6th John Hummel/Dan Kee $140

In the Rising Stars division, twenty-nine players showed their stuff including:

1st Jessica Loski $650
2nd Eileen Chomik $420
3rd Bev Davis $300
4th Lisa Mitchell $200
5th-6th Sarah Alatyppo/Cheryl Schultz $140
7th-8th Ann Oswaldson/Gert Shoars $80
9th-12th Cindy Anderson/Kris Benoy/Becky Gwash/Cathy Mutkala $40

The Stars of the North saw only a handful on site, eight in the brackets this time around:

1st Connie O'Heron $650
2nd Aimee Chastain $320
3rd Susan Hill $100
4th Angie Wade $50

A huge thanks from Six Arrows Pool Tournament Coordinators and staff, Linda, Joe, Floreen, and Beverly.

Thank you to Steve Schoenfelder of Schuler Legacy Cue Sales and Service and to Steve Baker, referee.