Poison VG 10-Ball Championship Final Eight

The Cuetec playoffs Day 2 is completed for the Poison Cues VG10!!!

The first match had Roberto Gomez jump out to an 1-0 lead. Wojtek Szewczyk tied it up 1-1. From the match went 2-2 then 3-3. The match was on its way to a nail biting finish until Roberto’s break began to fail him. Wojtek never looked back and closed the match out from there in 4 innings playing nearly flawless pool.

Congrats to Wojtek for that win and big thank you to Roberto for the show he has put on. Wojtek will move on to the next round to play Fedor Gorst on October 11th at 12 noon Eastern US / 6 PM Central European time.

After a short break, Denis Grabe played Kelly Fisher. The match started off with Denis converting his first 5 racks rack. Kelly could not get her break working and had some very uncharacteristic misses to start out her match. She starting to get her game going but it was too late with Denis playing very well from start to finish. Denis gets the win at 7-3.

Congrats to Denis for nearly a flawless performance in his opening round. Thank you for Kelly for partaking in this event. You are one of the top ambassadors to the game to do and a favorite of just about the entire pool world to watch. Denis moves on to play Malaj Hill-Hill Nick on October 12th immediately following Albin Ouschan vs Jim Telfer on October 12th at 12 noon Eastern US / 6 PM Central European time.

Tyler Styer will play Alex Kazakis immediately following the Fedor/Wojtek matchup on the 11th.

All matches will be streamed on the Cue It Up Podcast page on Facebook.