Polish Players Dominate in Olympic-Online Baltic League Play

Katarzyna Wesolowska

Last weekend completed the second stage of the Olympic-Online Baltic Pool League 2013 and the game was 10-ball. The location was the beautiful town of Ketrzyn in Poland. The Polish players were really in form in both the mens and women's divisions by winning 6 out of 8 medals and among them both brightest medals. In mens division Piotr Kudlik took the gold and in the women's division Katarzyna Wesolowska accomplished the same. Another significant fact was the number of participants on this event. We scored a record high 138 players.
Poles took all four medals in mens division
Although it was expected that Poles triumph in the mens division it was still anticipated that maybe Denis Grabe and Henrikas Strolis (Team Olympic-Online) would be able to do something about it. However it was only an anticipation as Strolis lost out in the last 64 and Grabe lost in the last sixteen to the polish twelwe years old wonderkind Wiktor Zielinski 6:3. It was Zielinski that finished third only by losing to the latter finalist Mariusz Skoneczny in the semi final 6:4. In the second semi final it was again all about Poland when Piotr Kudlik and Piotr Ostrowski battled it out for the place in the final. The two Piotr battle went for Kudlik with a score of 6:3. After the confident semi final Kudlik did not change his manners and won the final over Skoneczny 6:2.
Womens division was dominated by Wesolowska
The women's division was controlled for the whole event by Katarzyna Wesolowska. In the semifinal she won over Latvian athlete Ana Prizjazniuka 5:2 and in the final she crashed Margarita Fefilova from Belarus 5:0. The second bronze medal went to polish player Eva Bank.
The organizers are grateful to all the sponsors, including Olympic-Online, Strachan, Bilijardai, Mezz Cues, Kamui Tips, Boombapwear.com, Entry Piljardiklubi, Baribal Piljardiklubi, Aveiras, AZ Billiards, Insidepoolmag, Pro9 and all other individuals that made the event possible.
For now the Olympic-Online Baltic Pool League will rest for the summer and will return on 14th of September in Riga, Latvia.