Predator Boys & Girls Club Charity Event with Charlie Williams

Charlie Williams
Predator Boys & Girls Club Charity Event with Charlie Williams

Predator will sponsor a charity benefit for the Virginia Peninsula Boys & Girls Club at The Obelisk Billiard Club in Newport News ,VA on Aug 11,2005 with world class pro Charlie Williams "The Korean Dragon" performing trick shots and taking on challengers for donations to the charity. Fans that beat Williams a game will get to play in a special tournament to win a Predator Cue.

There will also be a pool tournament for Menchville High School's Class of 1995 which will have their reunion 2 days later at The Marriott in Williamsburg, VA. Prizes include a Lucasi Cue & Case and products from Long's Billiard Supply, Victoria's Day Spa, & Pockets.

Williams, a graduate of Menchville High and part of the Class of 1995, put some of his promoting skills towards his 10 year high school reunion being part of the committee organizing the actual reunion on Aug 13. Williams also grew up playing at the local Peninsula Boys & Girls Club .

Thank you to the sponsors of the charity event :

Predator- Allan McCarty, Karim Belhaj, & Philippe Singer
Dragon Promotions
Hutchens Chevrolet- Brian Hutchens
Lucasi- Jim Lucas & Mike Baggett
Longs Billiard Supply- Tony Long
Obelisk Billiard Club- Herb Smith
Pockets- Allen Cox
Seaport Amusements- Jerry Grant
Shooters- Tim Hawker
Ice Sports Bar- Jim & Sam

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