Predator Tour Announces Tour Changes, Season Opener

I am proud to announce the National Amateur Pool League also known as the NAPL as the official co-title sponsor of the 2011 Predator Tour. Many thanks to Predator Cues for their amazing commitment to our beautiful sport as well as the tour. The 2011 schedule now available on the website along with some changes we've made for the 2011 season. Please visit our site for more information.
I am also happy to have the opportunity to work with CueSports International (CSI) again this year. CSI is giving the Predator Tour one spot for the U.S. Open 10-Ball held in May at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  This one spot will be a paid entry fee & will go to the Open/Pro that is ranked # 1 after stop # 5, which will be held April 16-17 at Mr. Cue Billiards in Lindenhurst, NY. Many thanks to CSI for supporting the tour and for helping our sport to grow.
Stop # 1 of the 2011 Predator Tour will be taking place this Saturday & Sunday, January 29-30 at Cue Bar in Bayside, Queens, NY and as always, we will be using the incredible Delta-13 racks.

Many thanks to Sam and his staff at Cue Bar and especially Niko Berdzenishvili for opening their doors and welcoming the tour in 2011! Sam had most of the tables reclothed and tuned up just for this event. Cue Bar has an amazing menu as well as a full bar! Please remember to support the rooms that support our tour by eating & drinking in the establishment and thanking the owners. Outside food is not allowed and is considered disrespectful to the room owners. Doors will open at 10AM on Saturday.
Stop # 1 will be an ABCD Double Points event which starts on Saturday as well as an Open/Pro event which starts on Sunday at 12 Noon. This will be the first of four stops that will decide which Open/Pro gets a free entry to the 2011 U.S. Open.
Very Important:  We have had some confusion with two of our tour stops' names and locations so please be aware Cue Bar & Cue Nine are two different locations!  Stop #1 will be held at Cue Bar, located in Bayside Queens, NY.  For our tour veterans, this is the same room we held the Charity Event from Season 1. Stop # 2 will be hosted at Cue Nine in Levittown, NY (Long Island).  
A couple of changes have been made for the 2011 season.
The Open/Pro event will take place on Sundays starting at 12PM except for stops # 7,8,9,10 & 15. The start time for stops 7,8,9, & 15 will be 3PM on Saturday for the Open/Pro event and players must be registered by 2PM. Start time for the Open/Pro Empire State Championship (Stop # 10) will be at 12 noon. Players will be notified in advance if an Open/Pro is changed from a Saturday to a Sunday and vice-versa.
Entry fees for the Open/Pro event is $100 for both Open & Pro players.
There is an annual registration fee of $30 for all players regardless of their skill level.
The changes for the amateur events are as follows:
1. All amateur players must play in 5 or more events to qualify for the year end finale. Unlike previous years, players who do not play in 5 or more events will not be allowed play in the finale. Doubled entry fee payments will no longer be accepted. We felt this year, the dedicated amateurs of the tour deserve to be rewarded a finale all their own. This is only applicable to the amateur events.
2. The amateurs will play with a new rating system in 2011 and the entry fee will depend on your skill level.
The ratings and entry fees are as follows:
$75 A+
$70 A
$65 B+
$60 B
$55 C+
$50 C
$45 D+
$40 D
All players will be rated according to their skill level on other tours and leagues, as well as the Predator Tour. In the event this information is not readily available, is out of date, or the tour's staff feels is inappropriate, the skill level will be assigned at the tour's discretion.
It's important to keep in mind that a player does not have to win an event, have a high finish or even come in the money to have their skill level raised. There are simply too many players that are improving rapidly and our number one goal is to keep the tour as fair as possible for everyone.
Players that sporadically attend tour events will be reevaluated for skill level placement at the tour's discretion. i.e. if in February you are a C+ on the tour, and don't play again until August, the tour will reassign you a higher/lower handicap if the tour sees fit. There will be no arguing over handicaps.
3. If a player doesn't know their handicap or doesn't know someone that can verify their skill level, he/she will start as a B or higher. Any player caught lying about their handicap will be suspended from the tour and forfeit their entry fee as well as any money he/she may have won. Click here to view Predator Tour Amateur Handicap Chart
4. With the addition of a plus system, the weight of a handicapped game is more challenging. Thus the tour will now play rack your own, winner breaks and the 9 won't count on the break to keep it fair for everyone.
5. Players are not allowed to bet against one another in any tour match. Any player caught betting on their own match, against their opponent, will be suspended from the tour.
6. The Predator Tour reserves the right to change a one day event to a two day event and vice-versa. Changes will be based on the size of the room, table availability and the room owner etc.
7. Collared shirts are no longer required on most stops but are highly recommended. We will inform you if we have a stop that requires collared shirts.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the tour or the league.
Many thanks to Predator Cues, The National Amateur Pool League, Poison Cues, Delta-13, PoolOnTheNet, Billiards Press, Pool.BZ, Master Chalk, Jim Murnak Cue Cases, Go4Pool.Net, NYC Grind, AZBilliards, InsidePool, Pool & Billiard Magazine & Maxim Billiards for their continued support of the tour. Please visit their websites and help our sport grow.
Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!