Predator Unveils Limited Edition 12 Cues

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA (September 24, 2008) – Predator's newest limited edition cues, Fire and Ice, make their worldwide debut to players who are looking for the supreme in design and performance, showcasing never-seen-before construction, delicate inlays and stunning rare materials.
Limited Edition 12 is a breathtaking two-cue series; only 100 of each will be made and each will be numbered for exclusivity.  Both cues are made entirely of exotic Ebony wood and have Micarta inlays running the length of them.  A proprietary Predator coring technique allows for the application of Ebony, a very heavy wood, to be used as the sole wood for the cues' outer designs and still achieve the standard 19-ounce weight.
Three accent bands of diamond-shaped inlays, outlined with aircraft aluminum, are found evenly spaced along the entire butt. Unique rare materials are featured in each cue, inspiring the two names and differentiating the aesthetics. Fire is named for its Tulipwood inlays, orangey-rich in color and perfectly textured in grain.  Ice gets its name from its Turquoise accents, which showcase beautifully marbled teal stone.
“We're very proud to offer cues of such amazing caliber,” says Karim Belhaj, CEO of The Predator Group.  “The way these cues have been crafted are so unique to anything else.  We always want to give players a new experience.  Fire and Ice does that well.”
Each cue retails for $2500 and comes with the new Blak 1x1 case.  Dealers can place their orders today.  Fire and Ice will be available for players and collectors to purchase starting mid-October 2008.
Predator Cues is a high-performance pool cue producer focused on bringing constant innovation and game-improving equipment to billiard players worldwide. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, the company is the high-end billiard manufacturer within The Predator Group.