Predator World 14.1- USA Hanging Tough with Europe:Filipinos Hopeful

Allen Hopkins

East Brunswick, NJ- The event has narrowed down to the last 16 players. Only the strong have survived. The two biggest giants are USA with 4 hopefuls and Germany with 4 cannons. Netherlands is close behind though with 3 players, Austria has 2, and the dark horses Poland and 2 Filipinos.

The smart money today was on Hohmann, Feijen, Ortmann, Engert, Souquet, Immonen, and Schmidt. Well, one out of 7 isn't bad. The European tanks got hit hard with all taking a loss while USA's Schmidt came through unscathed in some tough matches. USA's Danny Barouty had the whole room in a stir as he was controlling the World Champion Hohmann in the match 142 to 60. Danny faced an off angle but makeable break shot to take the last 10 balls. "This is where Danny usually misses, unfortunately" one onlooker commented. The prediction proved accurate as Danny missed leaving Hohmann the open table. "Hey, I got closer than I thought!" Danny laughed. Hohmann then mounted an admirable comeback to 104 before missing. Barouty needed 8 balls and then proceeded to run the easy layout only to miss an easy 6-ball . "I can't believe it" said Barouty in disbelief after only needing 2 balls for the win. Fortune was against Hohmann though as he made a terrific cut shot into the side on the breakshot but scratched cross side. Barouty then won the match with the final two balls to the ovation of the audience who had all congregated to the corner of the room where they were playing.

Babica of Poland has been surprising fans and players with his superb play and took down the feared Immonen 150-100 and then defeated European 14.1 Champ Niels Feijen 150-140. Hopkins avenged his round robin lost to Stepanov of Russia with a 150-71 win. Hunter also avenged himself with a 150-60 win over Robles.

The bad beat of the event has to goto Dennis Hatch. Hatch had played some great 14.1 so far including a 84 ball run. Against Orcullo, Dennis ran 92 balls but Orcullo answered with a 117. Dennis eventually lost the match. Later, with Dennis missing and after one rack scoring 8 points, he watched Austria's Martin Kempter run 150 and out .

The one loss side was exciting with Kempter keeping his game up with a 150-137 amazing close call match against Souquet. Ouschan fired into Bobby Hunter 150-56, Hohmann thrashed Immonen 150-17, and Ortmann survived a late night match with Robles to qualify. Ouschan dominated Hunter 150 to 56 who never seemed confortable during the event. Harriman advanced with wins over Staab and Stepanov.

Tomorrow's marquee matches include USA's shining hopeful Schmidt re-matched against Engert. Ouschan will take on current #1 seed Kiamco. The big match will be Hohmann vs Hopkins in a hopefully legendary match .

Today was the day of high runs as players streamed in hundred ball(or close) runs left and right on the very challenging Diamond Tables. Players with high runs included Kempter(160), Orcullo 117, Hohmann 102.

Matches begin at 12:30 pm, and continue 3:00pm, 6:30 om and then 9:00 pm.

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