Predator World 14.1: Ouschan’s Revenge & Hohmann On Course for Top Seeding

Jasmin Ouschan

East Brunswick ,NJ- The non-stop straight pool continued today with all the players fighting hard to stay alive or gain pole position for the final 32 player board. Dennis Orcullo and Warren Kiamco are keeping Filipino hopes strong with a 5-0 win record and 4-1 respectively. Unknown USA Ed Hodan is surprising fans with his solid play keeping him the leader in Group 4 with the likes of names like Souquet and Moore.

One of the anticipated matches of the evening was Jasmin Ouschan versus Allen Hopkins. Both players complete opposites in almost every aspect including age, sex, country, and stroke style. Last year's World 14.1 Championship had the two players playing in the round robin with Hopkins coming out on top 100- 52. This year Ouschan sought her revenge with a 52 ball run and out to win 100-59 against the former World 14.1 Champion. Hopkins showed exemplary class and clapped at the end of her run when she closed the match.

While there are a few undefeated players and leaders in each group, Thorsten Hohmann has been super dominant in his group. Hohmann ran two of the highest runs thus far with a 100 and today with 97. He also defeated the formidable Tony Robles 100-20(Yesterday Hohmann kept former World 14.1 Champion Bobby Hunter to 5 balls). Hohmann did have a close call though against Hungary's Miko Balasz and squeaked by a nailbiter match 100-91 when Balasz missed a shot in the final rack. Currently Hohmann is leading the tournament for the #1 seed spot in the final 32 board on Thursday and has already guaranteed his spot.

Other match highlights included Immonen stopping USA hopeful Schmidt 100-42 . "The tables play really great when we polished the balls with wax. John really knows what he's talking about...unfortunately it helped me beat him tonight!" smiled Immonen after his win. Schmidt was willing to clue the players and staff on improving straight pool conditions. "Oh waxing the balls is the nuts. Bobby(Hunter) used to tell me that even Mosconi did it back in the day."

Thomas Engert over Danny Barouty 100-88 in a tactical war. "We had a great safety battle and I was beating him to the shots. But I just missed too many open balls. I'm happy with the match though." said the good natured and well liked Barouty.

One big name who will not make it to Thursday is Mike Davis, who has dropped 3 matches already. Judement Day tomorrow for players who are in danger including Allen Hopkins, Danny Barouty, Danny Harriman, Charlie Williams, and Dennis Hatch.

Finals of the event is schedule for Saturday at 6:30pm and tickets can be bought at the door or online at

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