World Straight Pool Stage Two Correction; Immonen, Hohmann and Deuel advance

Thorsten Hohmann

We apologize for our incorrect reporting of the format for the second phase of the Predator World Straight Pool Championship.

We reported that the top four players from each group advanced into a single elimination thirty two player board. The correct progression is for the top four from each group to advance into a double elimination thirty two player board and the final sixteen players from that group will advance into a sixteen player single elimination board.

The thirty two player board will be complete by Thursday evening and Mika Immonen, Thorsten Hohmann and Corey Deuel have already advanced into the final sixteen. Marquee matches underway on the winners side at the time of this report included Dominic Jentsch vs Thomas Engert, Danny Harriman vs Francisco Bustamante and Oliver Ortmann vs Mike Dechaine.

Top players with their hopes still alive on the one loss side include Jasmin Ouschan, Danny Barouty, Mike Sigel, Ralf Souquet, Allen Hopkins and John Schmidt.

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