Ouschan over Immonen at World Straight Pool

Jasmin Ouschan

The first round of play in the single elimination stage of the Predator World Straight Pool Championship is complete and the field is down to just eight players (actually six players at the time of this writing).

Mika Immonen was the leader of the pack for most of the week, but his run was brought to an abrupt halt by Jasmin Oushan with a 200-174 loss on Friday. Other top players eliminated in round one included Ralf Souquet, Thomas Engert, Corey Deuel, Danny Harriman and Dominic Jentsch.

Half of the round two matches are already complete with Francisco Bustamante eliminating Huidji See 200-41 and Niels Feijen eliminating John Schmidt 200-185. Schmidt led the match 185-184, but a miss on a relatively makeable ball was the end as he scattered the rack with his cue and Feijen took the win.

Ouschan is playing Ortmann and Hohmann is playing Van Den Berg at the time of this writing.

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