Pro Player Championship Field Closing in on the Finish

Corey Deuel will face Jonathan Pinegar for the hot-seat

The Pro Player Championship in Valley Forge at the Super Billiards Expo winds up on Sunday. At this point the field is narrowing and the favorites are beginning to take center stage. At the top of the chart on the winner's side Shane Van Boening and Jonathan Pinegar hooked up for rights to the hot seat match. Van Boening endured two tough matches in a row to get past Mike Davis and Shawn Putnam while Pinegar wound up in the showdown with Shane by defeating Dave Grau, Jason Klatt and Johnny Archer. Pinegar won their showdown and then went on to face Deuel for that chair.  

Corey Deuel and Thorsten Hohmann occupied the bottom side of the winners bracket. Hohmann took off Brandon Shuff, Shaun Wilkie and Al Lapena to face Corey Deuel who had bested Chris Bartram, Charlie Williams and Dennis Hatch.  Deuel defeated Hohmann 9-6 to find himself matched with Pinegar.  

There is lots of hope alive on the one-loss side as well. Still kicking over there are Shawn Putnam, who just ended the tourney for Mike Dechaine, Rodney Morris, who ruined the weekend for Johnny Archer, Mike Davis who put both Marlon Manalo and Al Lapena out and Dennis Hatch who had to get past none other than Earl Strickland to get his ticket punched. Hatch then bested Davis and went up against Van Boening. Meanwhile Shawn Putnam ended the run for Rodney Morris and went on to challenge Thorsten Hohmann. 

AZB will have the results of these matches and the final standings on Sunday night.