Pro Players Championship Day Two

Tony Robles

Day one is complete at the 2005 Brunswick Pro Players Championship and matches are ready to begin on the one-loss side. The one-loss side, is surprisingly sprinkled with top players in this very strong field, with Shannon Daulton, Jimmy Reid, Danny Basavich, Dave Hemmah, Tony Robles, Alan Rolon, Charlie Williams, Mike Davis, Mario Morro and Santos Sambajon all having matches in the first round and players the likes of Luc Salvas, Thorsten Hohmann, Niels Feijen, Keith McCready, Ronnie Wiseman, Larry Nevel, Frankie Hernandez and Tony Chohan waiting in round two.

Marquee winners side matches scheduled for later today include Jeremy Jones vs Charlie Bryant, Shawn Putnam vs Troy Frank and Corey Deuel vs Gabe Owen.

Brackets are updated with all of Thursday's results.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe