US Pro Tour Championship Day One

Ronnie Wiseman will face Efren Reyes on Thursday

As day one of the US Pro Tour Championship draws to a close, a number of top players find themselves residents of the one loss side already.

Kim Davenport, Luc Salvas, Rafael Martinez, Shane Van Boening, Max Eberle and Matt Krah all lost first round matches. Early second round results show Charlie Williams joining these players on the left side after a loss to Ernesto Dominguez.

Marquee matches coming up on Thursday include Gabe Owen vs Victor Ignacio, Thorsten Hohmann vs Stevie Moore, John Schmidt vs Raj Hundal and Ronnie Wiseman vs Efren Reyes.

Online brackets are complete up to the final round on Wednesday evening.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe