Qatar Final Four to Decide Tourney on Monday

Darren Appleton

The Qatar 9-Ball Open has eliminated all but four players in the hunt for the win. Only Darren Appleton, Pin Yi Ko, Antonio Gabica and Mika Immonen remain in contention. Jalal Al Saresi, the man who knocked Souquet over yesterday, has now been sent home (11-4) by Pin Yi Ko. Shane Van Boening kept it close but finally suffered defeat at the hands of Darren Appleton (11-9). Mike Immonen easily handled Niels Feijen (11-5) while Antonio Gabica required a bit more effort to dispose of Daryl Peach (11-6).

Monday (in the United States) will be the final day of the event and you may follow all the action as it occurs on our brackets which may be viewed here.