World 10-Ball Championship Final Sixty Four Seedings

Lee Van Corteza

Half of the field for the final sixty four player stage of the World 10-Ball Championship is now known, and three Filipino players stand at the top of the list.

The thirty two players who were undefeated in the group stages of the event will be seeded into the final sixty four based on their Win/Loss record in their group stage matches.

Three players are tied with 18-4 records. Those three are Lee Van Corteza, Antonio Gabica and Warren Kiamco. Tied for fourth and fifth are Niels Feijen and Indonesia's Alwi with 18-6 records. Rounding out the top ten are defending Champion Darren Appleton, Ignacio Chavez, Karl Boyes, Po Cheng Kuo and Antonio Lining.

All ties in the final thirty two will be resolved by random draw.

After the thirty two undefeated players are seeded into the final sixty four, the thirty two players who qualify with one loss will be randomly drawn into the final sixty four bracket so that each undefeated player will face a play with one loss in their first round.

The final sixty four player bracket will be a single elinination brackets with races to 9 until the final match, which will be a race to 11.

Thirty Two Seeded Players:

Lee Van Corteza 18-4
Antonio Gabica 18-4
Warren Kiamco 18-4
Niels Feijen 18-6
Alwi 18-6
Darren Appleton 18-7
Ignacio Chavez 18-7
Karl Boyes 18-7
Po Cheng Kuo 18-8
Antonio Lining 18-8
Che-Wei Fu 18-8
Kenny Kwok 18-9
Alain Martel 18-9
Hayato Hijikata 18-10
Charlie Williams 18-10
Dennis Orcullo 18-11
Mario He 18-11
Satoshi Kawabata 18-11
Ruslan Chinakhov 18-12
Imran Majid 18-12
Wang Ming 18-12
Jin Hu Dang 18-12
Naoyuki Ooi 18-13
He Wen Li 18-13
Ernesto Dominguez 18-13
Young Hwa Jeong 18-13
Stephan Cohen 18-13
Jian Bo Fu 18-14
Yu Lung Chang 18-14
Markus Juva 18-14
Yukio Akakariyama 18-15
Thorsten Hohmann 18-15