Qlympics Underway in Louisville Kentucky

Qlympics has taken Louisville, Kentucky by storm since the beginning of November. The event, which is being held at the Clarion Hotel and Convention Center, started November 1st and will continue through November 18th with a variety of tournaments scheduled for players of all skill levels.

There are two categories for this venue, the U.S. Open Tournaments (which allows individuals to participate without being a BCAPL member) and the BCAPL Big Table Championships.

Two events within the BCAPL Big Table Championships venue have come to an end, the results are as follows:

8-Ball Scotch Doubles – November 2-3, 2007:
1st Joonas Verneri Ohtonen, Finland and Debbie Tasharski, Illinois
2nd Vincent P. (Paul) Bramwell, Florida and LouAnne LaFlamme, California
3rd William C. (Billy) Peay, Kentucky and Dawn Fox, Ohio
4th Jerry M. Watts, Kentucky and Samantha S. Patton, Kentucky

8-Ball Singles – November 3-4, 2007:
Men's Master Singles
1st Louis Ulrich, Georgia $815
2nd Dee Adkins, Ohio $525
3rd Junior Moore, New York $315

Men's Senior Singles
1st Thomas Fankhauser, Illinois $525
2nd Jerry Watts, Kentucky $300
3rd David Carr, Illinois $150

Women's Singles
1st Jacqueline Herrera, Illinois $800
2nd Diana Parsons, West Virginia $500
3rd Selena Modelo, California $300
4th Sherri Helton, Arizona $150

Men's Open Singles
1st Shannon Schroeder, Illinois $1280
2nd Ralph Bullard, Texas $780
3rd Mike Cantrell, Ohio $520
4th Jerry Behnke, Iowa $350
5th Randy Montgomery, Indiana $200
6th Earl Settles, Indiana $200
7th Bob Hibbitts, Ohio $100
8th Earl Timmons, Ohio $100

The U.S. Open Tournament venue has seen two events thus far which are coming close to an end – results for the One Pocket Championship and Bank Pool Championship, which have been in progress since November 5th, will follow shortly.

There are many events that will start play as of November 10th. The BCAPL Big Table Championships will continue with the following:
8-Ball Teams November 10th-11th
8-Ball Singles November 16th-17th
Junior 8/9-Ball (17 years old or younger) November 17th-18th
8-Ball Teams November 17th-18th
Qlympics Regional 8-Ball Teams/Singles November 17th-18th

In addition, the U.S. Open Tournaments will move forward on November 12th-16th with the following events:
14.1 Straight Pool Championship
10 Ball Championship