Updates From Qlympics in Kentucky

As the month progresses, so do the outcomes of the Qlympic events taking place in Louisville, Kentucky, at the Clarion Hotel and Convention Center. The U.S. Open Tournaments (which allows individuals to participate without being a BCAPL member) finished up both the One Pocket Championship and Bank Pool Championship over the course of November 5th through 9th. Here are the winners of their respective events:

One Pocket Championship – November 5th-9th
1st Tony Chohan $3700
2nd Gabe Owen $2400
3rd Shannon Daulton $1540
4th Sergio Perez $1050
5th/6th Rafael Martinez/Jason Miller $675
7th/8th Chris Bartrum/John Brumback $425

Bank Pool Championship – November 5th-9th
1st John Brumback $3700
2nd Jason Miller $2400
3rd Brian Gregg $1500
4th Shannon Daulton $1025
5th/6th Shawn Putnam/Tony Chohan $650
7th/8th John Grim/Louis Ulrich $400

There are two events happening as I write – both the 14.1 Straight Pool Championship and the 10-Ball Championship started on November 12th and will proceed through November 16th. Details on those events will follow upon completion.

On the flip side, the BCAPL Big Table Championships venue just finished up the 8-Ball Teams event that was played between November 10th and 11th. Congratulations to the top finishers!

8-Ball Teams – November 10th-11th
1st Caddy Shack $1500
2nd KY Headhunters $800
3rd Off Constantly $275

The BCAPL Big Table Championships will also continue with 8-Ball Singles starting November 16th-17th; Junior 8/9-Ball (17 years old or younger) November 17th-18th; 8-Ball Teams November 17th-18th; and
Qlympics Regional 8-Ball Teams/Singles November 17th-18th.