Qpod’s Launch of the Sportive & Crystal Collection

These new products combine lifestyle and tradition

Qpod is proud to announce the launch of the new "Sportive" and „Crystal“ Collections which are available as of July, 24th, 2013. For the first time the distinctive Qpod-design comes with a gold plated aluminum case and inlays made of brand new materials combining trendy lifestyle and elegant elements.

The carefully selected and handcrafted inlays of the Sportive Collection are made of real Mahogany wood perfectly matching your cues and billiard tables. Behind the „black & white“- design from the “Sportive Collection is a creative team designing these inlays exclusively for the Qpod. This design is characterized by curved lines expressing the cool and clean look of this new chalk holder. Each piece is unique and gives the Qpod an individual dynamic.


The Crystal Collection comes with beautiful glittering inlays made of Swarovski-Elements in gold and midnight blue – the perfect Qpods for those looking for something extraordinary.


The new collection was initially presented during the Super Billiards Expo 2013 in New Jersey also achieving very promising response rates from our Facebook-community. These and all Qpods may be purchased at http://www.seyberts.com.