Wildlife Impressions – the New Qpod Collection

An intriguing new “Wildlife Impressions” collection for the holiday season. 
The high end billiards accessories manufacturer Qpod is introducing completely new “reconstructed” materials to feature these stunning species. Qpod is drawing attention to endangered species and their wildlife habitats.


Vienna, October 2013: The biodiversity of our planet is threatened, because deforestation, climate change and pollution destroying the habitat of many animals. Therefore, numerous animals and plant species are seriously endangered.

With the new "Wildlife Impressions” collection Qpod likes to draw attention to the dilemma of endangered species.

The Qpods of the “Wildlife Impressions“ collection are coming with silver- or gold plated lightweight aluminum cases with “reconstructed”  animal design-inlays like "White Snake ", "Lynx ", "Buffalo horn " and "Leopard".  Please note: No animals were harmed for production.

The "Wildlife Impressions" collection is now available at selected retailer outlets and at the brand new Qpod Webshop.  "Wildlife Impressions" are the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season.

New Web presence of Qpod

With fresh, brand new visual appearance Qpod is redesigning its Web presence. The content is clearly structured improving navigation including several new services (e.g. Qpod care instructions, tips and tricks around the Qpod and how to order a personalized Qpod, and much more). The Qpod Webshop provides state-of-the-art security standards along with ease of use for simplified purchasing processes.  
Discover Qpods new Web presence: www.qpod -billiards.com