Qualifiers For World Pool Championship Gets Underway

MANILA, PHILIPPINES---RAYA SPORTS will stage the qualifiers for the World Pool Championship at the Star Billiards Center from October 28 to November 1 for Filipino and foreign players who have not yet qualified for the WPC.

As of today, nine spots in the WPC are up for contention in the qualifiers. Matchroom Sports has informed Raya, however, that more slots could become available in the coming weeks as players decide on their travel plans. Tournament Venue

Star Billiards Center in Quezon City was chosen as venue for the qualifiers to ensure the standardization of billiards equipment for both the World Pool Championship and the Qualifying Tournament. The center is an all-Brunswick table facility. Foreign players playing in the qualifiers are assured that they will be playing on standard Brunswick tables during the qualifying tournament.

Star Billiards Center is located at Joy Street, Grace Village, Quezon City, Philippines. The facility features 20 Brunswick tables all conforming to specifications of the WPC, outfitted with Simonis cloth and Aramith professional balls. Sixteen tables will be used for tournament competition. The other four tables will serve as practice tables. To facilitate transport to the tournament venue, foreign players will be picked up by coaster and bus from either (1) their hotels if these are in the WPC vicinity map; or at (2) Billiards Zone at the Rizal Memorial Complex. Filipino players in the qualifiers will be picked up at the Billiards Zone, Rizal Memorial Complex, Manila. Or they can go straight to the venue.

Schedule of Qualifiers

For now, 9 qualifying events are scheduled, starting from Saturday, October 28. The winner of each qualifier will enter the 128-main draw of the WPC. The complete schedule is as follows: Saturday, October 28 Events 1 & 2 Sunday, October 29 Events 3 & 4 Monday, 30th October Events 5 & 6 Tuesday 31st October Events 7 & 8 Wednesday 1st November Event 9

Entry Fee
As in previous WPCs, the Entry Fee for a single event is $100 or P5000. The Entry Fee for five events is discounted at $400 or P20,000.

Players may play only in one tournament per day. Players signing up for the full tournament package WILL BE GUARANTEED ENTRY TO FIVE EVENTS. They will not be allowed to select which event to enter, as this will be done by random draw on Day One. A player will then be given his full itinerary for the five days indicating morning or afternoon matches. Prepaid single event entrants and casual players may be accepted, subject to spaces being available. The deadline for entries is 6 PM, Friday, October 27, 2006, although entries will be accepted the day before each event if fields fall short of 64 players. Registration of players for the qualifiers is now ongoing at Raya Sports office, 5F PDAF Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City.

The nine winners of the qualifiers will be entered into a predetermined place in the 128-man group draw for the World Pool Championship, which commences at the Philippine International Convention Center on Saturday, November 4. The nine winners will also receive prize money based on the daily entrant level. All players who place from 2nd to 16th in each qualifier will receive identical prize money based on daily entrant level. Prizes will be paid in cash or check.