Queen of the Hill?

Allison Fisher

Match scores are starting to come in from the International Pool Tour's King of the Hill Invitational 8-Ball Shootout at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida and the biggest story so far is the play of Allison Fisher.

Fisher followed up her 8-2 win over Allen Hopkins with a win over Niels Feijen in the second round. Feijen is no stranger to top level 8-ball with his silver medal in the 8-ball event from the 2004 European Championships but he still fell to Fisher in their match.

Only a handful of second round results are available, but Johnny Archer has also joined Fisher with a 2-0 record after wins over Grady Mathews and Kim Davenport.

Check back later for more updates or go to www.internationalpooltour.com for their coverage of the event.

Complete Round One Results
Allison Fisher over Allen Hopkins
Francisco Bustamante over Larry Schwartz
Niels Feijen over Raj Hundal
Kim Davenport over Karen Corr
Corey Deuel over John Schmidt
Bill Incardona over Gerda Hofstatter
Marlon Manalo over Rodney Morris
Jeremy Jones over Tony Robles
Shawn Putnam over Keith McCready
Charlie Williams over Ralf Souquet
George San Souci over Gabe Owen
Jose Parica over Nick Van Den Berg
Johnny Archer over Grady Mathews
Mika Immonen over Earl Strickland
Thorsten Hohmann over Helena Thornfeldt

Day One, Round Two: 12:30pm
Karen Corr over Jose Parica
Johnny Archer over Kim Davenport
Allison Fisher over Niels Feijen
John Schmidt over Gerda Hofstatter
Nick V.d. Berg vs Grady Matthews
Larry Schwartz vs Allen Hopkins
Bustamante vs Raj Hundal
Bill Incardona vs Mika Immonen
Corey Deuel vs Earl Strickland
Helena Thorfeldt vs Rodney Morris
T. Hohmann vs Tony Robles
Marlon Manalo vs Jeremy Jones
Shawn Putnam vs Gabe Owen
George S. Souci vs Ralf Souquet
Charlie Williams vs Keith McCready

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe