Rasson Renews Contract With Darren Appleton

Darren Appleton
RASSON BILLIARDS are delighted to announce that RASSON BILLIARDS has renewed the contract with world top player Darren Appleton. From 2018 until the end of 2020, RASSON will be the primary sponsor of Darren Appleton and the official table supplier of all World Pool Series events over the next three years.
RASSON BILLIARDS is well known as the biggest billiard table manufacturer and exporter in the world. Apart from supplying top quality tables, Rasson also always endeavors to promote the sport of billiards by sponsoring international billiard tournaments including the Mosconi Cup. Early in 2017 Darren Appleton expressed his wish to use the Rasson table as the official match table for the WPS events that he’s operating since he had tried the Rasson Victory tables at some tournaments and he felt very pleased with the look and playability of Rasson tables. The contract was then inititated. After all WPS events of 2017, both parties were very happy with the cooperation and renewed the contract for another three years.
Darren is so excited with the renewing of the contract, “I am delighted Rasson has chosen me to be a player representative for the next 3 years. It’s an honor to represent them the best I can and I look forward to working with them closely to keep pushing the product forward and billiards in general . Rasson are expanding their products to worldwide and it’s exciting times to be part of the journey”.
Rasson also is very happy with the cooperation and we hold enormous respect for Darren. Junny Song, the general manager of Rasson said, “Appleton is not only a great player, he has lots of achievements as a pro player and we’re so proud of him for being inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame this December. We enjoy working with him and look forward to hearing more constructive advice concerning the tables from Darren to build better tables for the market. He’s also doing quite well on organizing the WPS events and we’d like to continue the cooperation to further promote the billiards sport”.