Ray repeats KBP Tourney win

On June 17, 2004, Robert Ray took another victory on the Fury Amateur 9-Ball Tour. This time he took the victory on the KBP and Sterling Gaming 2004 Fury Carolina Tour's 12th stop at BG McGee's, Greensboro, N.C. The stop drew 32 players to compete in this $500 added event.

Dale Russell started out as a worthy opponent when in his first match he sent last week's Tidewater winner, Robert Ray to the one loss side in a 7-3 victory proving that Robert had his work cut out for him.. Dale continued to beat out the competition on the winner's side, while onlookers thought him to be the favorite to win.

Jeff Abernathy was caught with a very interesting opponent and had to really watch his game. Ricky Macki, a 15 year old, took Jeff hill to hill in their first match of the event. This is Ricky's first appearance on the tour and is expected to be a player to keep an eye on.

In the meantime Robert Ray was determined to make a comeback as he worked his way through the one loss side with 5-1 wins against 5th/6th place winner Mike Triplet, 4th place winner David Brown and 3rd place winner Jeff Abernathy. Robert Ray was a determined player, wanting to have a chance to face Dale Russell again in another match for his chance at the win.

In the final match, Robert Ray after back to back wins against David Brown and Jeff Abernathy took a 2 game lead against Dale Russell, Dale seemed to have let his guard down when he was only able to grab 1 game and lost control of the table to Robert.. Robert kept control of the table through the next 7 games for a 9-1 victory over Dale Russell who defeated him the first round.

BG McGee's, owned by Gene Stowe, has 10-9' tables with a separate spectator area. Gene is looking forward to hosting several stops next year. The room offers a full menu of great food.

We at KBP would again like to thank BG McGee's and all the host pool rooms involved on The Fury Amateur 9-Ball Tour in the 2004 season and are looking forward to booking with them for next season.

Complete Results:
1st Robert Ray $430
2nd Dale Russell $260
3rd Jeff Abernathy $170
4th David Brown $100
5th/6th John Carson, Mike Triplett $50
7th/8th Morris Wood, Bobby Strandberg $40