Real Time Scoring Comes to US Open

AZBilliards is providing a live stream of dynamic scoring for every match in every round of this year's US Open. Now you can watch the progress of each of the 237 players, rack by rack, as they make their way towards the finals. Just go to:,

and you will have instant access to the scores of all the matches. We also have the tournament brackets up all week so you can see who will face who as they make their way along the charts.

We know that all of you will enjoy following the scoring as the US Open makes pool history once again. The US Open, promoted by Barry Behrman, is the largest and most important tournament on US soil and we are very happy to be able to bring this new feature to you, our readers. Please use the forums to discuss the matches in progress and make your sweat v-bookie bets on who will come from behind or collapse. This live scoring is brought to you by Sportsfan Products. It is only with their support that this live scoring is possible and we appreciate them very much.