Cue and Case to Provide Live Scoring of US Open

Cue and Case Sales, the makers of Lucasi Hybrid and Players cues, billiard furniture and lighting, is bringing you the AZBilliards live scoring page for 2009 at the US Open. All pool fans from anywhere in the world will be able to open the scoring page and watch the progression of every single match in real time!

The scoring page this year features several key refinements from last year. As before, the page will feature a graphic of every playing table that shows the names of the two combatants who are on the the table at that time. It will also show the current score of each of these matches, updated rack-by-rack so that you can follow every single match in the room and always know who is leading on each table. But we have a lot more than this to offer this year. This year the page will offer much more in-depth coverage of each match. We will announce these refinements next Thursday morning in a separate release, so stay tuned for this announcement. You will like what we have done this year.

Also new this year AZBilliards will be working hand-in-hand with Accu-Stats video productions. We encourage you to enjoy the full benefits of internet coverage of the Open by tuning in to the Accu-Stats live video stream and having the AZBilliards live scoring page open in a separate browser window. That way you can watch it all as it unfolds!