Reno Open Final Four

Ernesto Dominguez

The Reno Open is now down to just four players with hopes of stuffing the big cardboard winners check into the suitcase.

The winners side will feature Ernesto Dominguez playing Mike Davis.

Davis' Saturday night involved a marathon match with Stevie Moore, while Dominguez was the beneficiary of a missed 9-ball at hill-hill from Stan Tourangeau. Tourangeau led that match early, but Dominguez came back to tie it at 6-6. At 8-8, Tourangeau left himself a tough 9-ball that missed the pocket by the smallest fraction. The 9-ball stopped rolling in the jaws of the pocket and Tourangeau ceded the match to Dominguez.

That 9-ball may have stayed on Tourangeau's mind as he was unable to get anything started in his next match against Filipino Leonardo Andam.

Andam will face Stevie Moore on the one loss side today. Moore won a testy match with Corey Deuel to close his Saturday night. Deuel had been using his "control break" all event long and Moore made it clear early on that he was not going to sit in his chair and watch Deuel dominate the match with his break. Words were exchanged with Moore stating that he wanted to be outplayed instead of outracked and Deuel quickly answered that he was doing nothing against the rules in any way.

Scott Smith was brought in to handle the debate and Smith racked most of the games for the rest of the match. The dispute may have gotten the better of Deuel as he struggled with makeable shots and Moore went on to win 9-6.

Both matches will take place at 12:00 PST with the hot-seat match being streamed live at and

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