Reno Open Day Four Complete

Ronnie Wiseman

Day five at the Reno Open dawns with only eight players left undefeated, and a handful of players on the one loss side looking to plot a course through the minefield of players today.

Stan Tourangeau has had a great event so far, and remains undefeated after four days. Tourangeau is the only player who has been able to defeat Corey Deuel this week, and many fans in attendance didn't think anyone would manage that task.

Ernesto Dominguez has quietly dominated his opponents all week, but he could have his hands full with Jeff Carter at 3pm today.

Corey Harper has surprised a number of fans with his strong play all week, but he will certainly be tested by Mike Davis. Davis brought down the Hillbily, Charlie Bryant, in a late match on Friday night.

And on the AzBtv table at 3pm, Ronnie Wiseman will face Stevie Moore. Wiseman made his win over Gabe Owen look easy on Friday night, but Stevie Moore has never backed down from a challenge and has his sights set on 1st place in this event.

Notables on the one loss side include female stars Melissa Little and May Rakin, as well as Beau Runningen, Leonardo Andam, Louie Ulrich, Oscar Dominguez, Corey Deuel, Charlie Bryant and Gabe Owen.

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