Reyes, Bustamante, Orcullo & Filipino Pros Unite & Join with The Association of Billiard Professionals

Manila, Philippines- The top three billiard managers in the Philippines have joined forces with the APB.
The companies include:
Puyat Sports owned by Aristeo Puyat, Negros Stables owned by Jonathan Sy, and Bugsy Promotions owned by Perry Mariano.
The stars of these marquee groups include four World Champions : World Champion & Hall of Famer Efren Reyes; World Champion & Hall of Famer Francisco Bustamante; World Champion Dennis Orcullo; World Champion Alex Pagulayan. Other top stars Lee Van Corteza, Warren Kiamco, Jundel Mazon, Antonio Lining, Roberto Gomez, and Carlo Biado.
"ABP will surely be a welcomed organization to all professional pool players worldwide. If only players will realize that they are the sport and standing together there's nothing that they can't accomplish. I hope the ABP will serve the purpose of the sport and players", explains Perry Mariano, Owner of Bugsy Promotions which manages top players Orcullo, Biado, and Gomez.
"These are exciting times and we have some awesome guys involved. I'm super excited. I love nothing more than to pave the way for the young guys coming up. It will be good to look back on our careers and say we did something meaningful", said Rodney Morris, Board of Directors of the ABP.
The ABP welcomes the stars of the Philippines to help join the ideals and beliefs of the ABP to help change the sport of billiards for generations to come. The ABP is thrilled to have an international representation to help in the initiative to improve the sport of billiards in conjunction with promoters, sponsors and associations. With a worldwide representation and support, the ABP is an organization
of professional pool players that can have a powerful voice in helping changes for the better.
We thank all of our members for their support and everyone should expect more exciting news in the days to come.
ABP Philippines Pro Player Members:
Efren Reyes
Francisco Bustamante
Alex Pagulayan
Dennis Orcullo
Lee Van Corteza
Roberto Gomez
Carlo Biado
Warren Kiamco
Antonio Lining
Jundel Mazon
May 2011 Updated ABP Player Membership

    * Efren Reyes  PHI
    * Francisco Bustamante  PHI
    * Alex Pagulayan  PHI
    * Dennis Orcullo  PHI
    * Lee Van Corteza  PHI
    * Roberto Gomez  PHI
    * Carlo Biado  PHI
    * Warren Kiamco  PHI
    * Antonio Lining  PHI
    * Jundel Mazon  PHI
    * Shane Van Boening  USA
    * Mika Immonen  FIN
    * Johnny Archer  USA
    * Shawn Putnam  USA
    * Rodney Morris  USA
    * Mike Davis  USA
    * Thorsten Hohmann  GER
    * John Schmidt  USA
    * Corey Deuel USA
    * Stevie Moore  USA
    * Oscar Dominguez  USA
    * Charlie Williams  USA
    * Dennis Hatch  USA
    * Jeremy Jones  USA
    * Allen Hopkins  USA
    * Scott Frost USA
    * Ernesto Dominguez MEX
    * Tony Robles  USA
    * Ronnie Wiseman  CAN
    * Kim Davenport  USA
    * Jeremy Sossei  USA
    * Tommy Kennedy USA
    * John Morra  CAN
    * Rob Saez  USA
    * Ben Zimmer  USA
    * Larry Phlegar  USA
    * Chris Szuter  USA
    * Art Wiggins  USA
    * Brian White  USA
    *  Jeff Crawford  USA
    * Bill Mccollum  USA
    * Jeff Beckley  USA
    * Bill Incardona  USA
    * Stefano Palinga  ITA
    * Tommy Najar USA
    * Corey Harper  USA
    * Ron Park  USA
    * James Barraks  USA
    * Justin Daniels  USA
    * Dan Wallace  USA
    * James Roberts USA