Reyes catches bye into Derby One Pocket Round 11

Efren Reyes will advance into round 11 without hitting a ball

Round nine of the Derby City Classic One Pocket Division is complete and the fans in attendance have witnessed the elimination of Rodolfo Luat, Thorsten Hohmann, Niels Feijen, Scott Frost, Allen Hopkins, Ike Runnels, Shane Van Boening and Ralf Souquet.

Round ten only contains nine players and Efren Reyes was the lucky winner of the bye. Matches in round 10 are Larry Nevel vs Gabe Owen, Shannon Daulton vs Francisco Bustamante, Darren Appleton vs Alex Pagulayan and Tony Mougey vs Ryan Stone.

Round ten had a break of 30 minutes or so as the entire Executive West hotel was evacuated for a reported kitchen fire. The break is over and the players are back inside and matches are back underway now.

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