Reyes/Souquet face off for Derby City 9-Ball Title

Ralf Souquet is in the drivers seat in Derby City

The finals of the 2004 Derby City Classic 9-ball division will be a showdown between 'The Magician' Efren Reyes and 'The Surgeon' Ralf Souquet.

Reyes locked up the $20,000 all around Champion title on Friday and won the one-pocket division Friday evening, but Souquet has already captured the first set in the finals.

With the field down to three players, Souquet caught a bye while Reyes faced off against Jimmy Wetch. Wetch was allowed to come to the table three times in the match and didn't have a shot on any of those three occasions. Reyes won the match 7-0 with a perfect 1.000 Accu-Stats rating.

Souquet then had the daunting task of playing an Efren Reyes who was in stroke. Souquet, however, did just what he had to do. He won the lag and kept Reyes in his chair for almost the entire match. A couple empty breaks by Souquet allowed Reyes chances, but in the end of the first set it was Souquet scoring the 7-2 win.

At this time, Reyes has used his buy-back and will face Souquet again at 7:00 PM EST. If Reyes wins that match, the players will play one more time for the title.

Both of these matches can be seen online at

Photo courtesy of B.A.R.O.C.