Richko and Kennedy take Poison Tour Season Opener


The Florida Poison tour kicked off its season opener at Stroker’s Billiards Palm Harbor Fl. 

Saturday would see 90 players show up for the $1000 Added 9-Ball event.  Jason Richko would prove to be the man to beat on the day playing out of his home room. Richko would make an undefeated run to the hotseat with strong wins Danny Grider, Bill Jones, Chad Rhodes, Ob Cirilo, James Adams, Mike Delawder and then a hard fought 7-6 win over Mark Wathen to capture the hotseat.   The one loss side would see Mike Delawder making his way to the finals with strong wins over Bobby Garza, Jason Bowen and then Mark Wathen to set up the final match. Richko and Delawder would end up playing a one rack shoot out for the event with both players signed up for the 10-ball open event which was already underway. The one rack shoot out would go to Jason Richko undefeated run to take the title, Glass trophy and first place prize of $750.

The 10 ball open event would draw in another strong field of 50 players with the likes of Tommy Kennedy, James Roberts, Hunter Lombardo, and Donny Mills to mention a few.  Tommy Kennedy would show why he is a class act when it comes to getting the Job done as he made his way to the hotseat with wins over Justin Gilsinan, Jason Richko, Christ Airado, David Uwate, James Roberts and then a fine 7-3 win over Donnie Mills to capture the hotseat. The one loss side would see Hunter Lombardo on a priveat mission after taking a first round loss to Mike Delawder, Lombardo would just plough his way back through the one loss side with 8 straight wins to put himself in the final 3, With the time now close to 2am the last three players decided to they would face off and shorten the last couple of matches to a 1 rack shoot out, This made for an exciting finish with all three players still wanting the first place title, Lombardo would take his win tally to 9 straight as he managed to get past Mills to put himself in the final. Kennedy would go onto win the Final with a very gritty run out in the final rack.

The Poison Tour would like to thank Stroker’s Billiards and its staff for hosting another great weekend of pool. Also our title sponsors Poison Cues, our next event will Be at Capone’s Billiards, April 13th-14th 2013. We look forward to see you there for another great weekend of pool.

Amateur Payouts

1st Jason Richko $750
2nd Mike Delawder $500
3rd Mark Wathen $400
4th Jason Bowen $300
5th-6th James Adams, Bobby Garza $200
7th-8th Brian McBride, OB Cirilo $150
9th-12th Barry Partridge, Jonathon Wing, Bobby Petrocelli, Chris Aiardo $100
13th-16th Jim Oerti, Mike Monoski, Bryan Pinkley, Tim Parisian $70

 Open Payouts

1st Tommy Kennedy $700
2nd Hunter Lombardo $450
3rd, Donny Mills $300
4th Nick Applebee $200
5th-6th Mike Delawder, James Roberts $100
7th-8th Dale Stanley, Trevor Moore $75
9th-12th Luis Viera, Lee Holland, Jesse Engel, David Uwate $60