Richko and Davis repeat their Poison

The Poison Tour held its 2nd event of the season at Corner Pockets in Orlando Fl, 52 players showed up for a shot at the $1000 Added Prize fund.  Jacksonville's Nick Applebee was looking very strong making his way to the hotseat Match with strong wins over Ernie Medina, Nicole Winters, Jon Curtis, David Pencar and then a 7-4 win over Dan Lettau to put himself in the winners side final. His opponent would be an inform Jason Richko who was looking to try and string back to back victory's after winning the 1st event of the season. Richko made his way to the finals with wins over John Carver, John Stucky, Jesse Langston, Anthony Meglino, Walter Blacker and then a hard fought win over 7-6 Nick Applebee to capture the hotseat.

On the one loss side Brian McBride was looking strong after taking a 7-5 loss to Dan Lettau he would go on to beat Ben Diaz, Jim Sandaler, Walter Blacker, a revenge win of Dan Lettau would be followed up with a semi final win over Nick Applebee to set up a final match with Richko.

The final would see both players playing strong pool, Richko however would prove to be to tough as he would take down McBride with a strong 8-4 win and his 2nd title of the season.

The Open event would only draw 26 players but that would not mean an easy ride for anyone with the likes of Tommy Kennedy, Mike Davis, Justin Hall, Jerry Calderon and Tony Crosby to mention a few.

Justin Hall would go onto capture the hotseat with strong wins over Jerry Calderon 7-5, George Saunders 7-2, Tony Crosby 7-6, Han Berber 7-3 and then a Hotseat win over Mike Davis 7-6.

Kennedy was looking strong after taking 7-4 loss to Davis he would make his way back for a rematch with Davis with wins over Anthony Meglino 6-3, Adam Wheeler 7-2. Davis though would prove to be to strong once again leaving Kennedy in 3rd place. The final would be a repeat performance from the first event with Davis taking Hall down 8-6 which would force the one rack shoot out. Hall would win the lag and break, Davis would make short work of the rack by making a long rail bank combination on the 9 to win his 2nd event in a row on the one rack shoot out which has proved to be popular with the players and spectators.

The Poison Tour would like to thank room owner Tesh Patel and Corner Pockets staff for another fantastic event.

Amateur Payouts
1st Jason Richko $600
2nd Brian McBride $400
3rd Nick Applebee $310
4th Dan Lettau $210
5th-6th Anthony Meglino, Walter Blacker $160
7th-8th John Stucky, Jim Sandaler $110
9th-12th Jarred Schlauch, Ben Diaz, David Pencar, Elvis Rodriguez $70

Open Payouts
1st Mike Davis $580
2nd Justin Hall $400
3rd Tommy Kennedy $300
4th Adam Wheeler $200
5th-6th Han Berber, Anthony Meglino $70