Ride The 9 Tour Presents “Hunger Games” Ghost Event

The latest craze of “ghost” tournaments is coming to the Simonis Ride the 9 Tour this week with “The Hunger Games” 16 player single elimination event.

The event actually kicked off last week with a week of qualifiers leading up to this week’s 16 player single elimination event. With players playing four sets of five racks 9-ball against the ghost, earning one point for each ball made and two points for the 9-ball, dropping the worst set, it was Larry Steele who emerged as the top player with a score of 128. Close behind Steele though, is Francisco Cifuentes III who scored 121 points in the qualifying round.

Matches get underway June 15th and will run until a final winner is crowned on June 22nd. All the matches will be streamed on the Ride the 9 Tour’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Ridethe9Tour/. Fans who check in to watch the action will be treated to a “who’s who” on special guests on commentary with Iwan Simonis President Ivan Lee, Melissa “The Viper” Little and AzBTV’s Upstate Al all confirmed to provide guest commentary during the event. Event promoter Gloria Jean also says she is working on other surprise guests to provide commentary later in the event.