Rogers Back in the Winner’s Circle

Kyu Yi, Terry Petrosino, Leslie Anne Rogers and Tara McCracken

A determined Leslie Anne Rogers climbed through the brackets at Fast Eddie's Billiards in College Station, Texas the weekend of June 23 and 24 to claim first place and the WPBA Qualifier.

Leslie Anne was on fire and no one could win more than 3 games against her as she won 7-1 over Christy Herzog, 7-2 over DeAnn Bray-Warner, 7-2 over Terry Petrosino and 7-2 over Tara McCracken before winning 7-3 over Kyu Yi to claim the hot seat. Kyu Yi prevailed over Tara McCracken 7-3 on the one-loss side for a rematch with Leslie Anne but Leslie Anne won their second meeting with an even more lopsided score of 7-1. Leslie Anne won $750 for first place and the coveted WPBA Qualifier for the Oklahoma October WPBA event. The ever-present Kyu Yi won $550 for a great tournament and second place while Tara "FireCracker" McCracken won $400 for her great third place finish. Michelle Abernathy placed a respectable 7th place along side Lisa Marr and Terry Petrosino claimed fourth place. Amanda Lampert won the Second Chance tournament.

All board members also placed well: Julie Stephenson and Melinda Hinojosa both placed 5th, Helen Hayes placed 9th and Monica Anderson captured 2nd place in the Second Chance tournament.

Fast Eddie's in College Station was a new host site and bartender Chris was awesome along with their manager, James. We hope to be back next year as the location was exceptional. Special thanks to our awesome sponsor, Wes Hunter, who has been supporting the tour for over 14 years now! Carter Nakashima, a fan favorite and awesome friend of the tour, was surprised with a Birthday party from the ladies. His 50th Birthday was topped off when he won the beautiful Hunter Classics Custom Cue on Sunday!

Other prizes were won by:

Alicia Teskey - free Strok-N-Style glove gift certificate
Rebecca Goodnight - free Pool and Billiard subscription
Kim Pierce - Samm's SidePocket Goodie Bag
Kelly Stanley - Starbucks gift card
Michelle Ram - free entry fee

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