Rose and Ritter split top prizes on B & L 520 and below (Fargo Rate) 10-Ball event

Rob Ritter and Brian Rose

Say what you will about the Fargo Rate system – its value, imperfections, raw data, potential ‘gaming the system’ issues and any number of other expressed concerns and downright opposition to the system – it has a way of attracting large numbers of people to events in which they are assured (more or less) of meeting up with competitors who are within a defined-range of skill levels at the game(s). Case in point: B & L Billiards Tournament’s 520 and below Fargo Rate 10-Ball event, which drew 62 entrants to Center Pocket in Bowie, MD this past weekend (Feb. 25-26). It’s not at the entrant-level of major Pro tournaments or massive Amateur events like those that happen at the upcoming Super Billiards Expo next month, but 62 is something of an enviable figure for a number of regional tours, which can occasionally struggle for attendance, the state of Texas notwithstanding.

Officially won by the undefeated Brian Rose, the top two prizes were split by Rose and Robert Ritter, who won five on the loss side to meet him in the finals, which didn’t happen. Rose and Ritter enter our AZBilliards database for the first time, which doesn’t mean they’ve never cashed or won an event before, it just means that if they have, it wasn’t reported to us.

Rose’s seven-match path to the winners’ circle went through Steve Marando (whose son would challenge him later), Greg Mitchell (via shutout), Aaron Plass (double hill) and Lucas Kilgore to arrive at a winners’ side semifinal against (the son) Justin Marando. In the meantime, Rich Livering opened his trip to the hot seat match by giving up only a single rack to his first three opponents Bill Wilson, Bailey Grimm and Qaeem Garner before downing Isabel Perez 6-4 and advancing to face the eventual runner-up, Robert Ritter in the other winners’ side semifinal.

Rose and Marando locked up in a double hill battle for advancement to the hot seat match; a battle won by Rose. Livering sent Ritter to the loss side 6-3. In what would prove to be Rose’s last match, he sent Livering to the semifinals 6-3 and claimed the hot seat.

On the loss side, Ritter picked up Jimmy Portillo, who’d won six on the loss side to meet him, including the elimination of Lucas Kilgore, 4-3 (Kilgore racing to 5) and Thomas Ross 4-2. Justin Marando drew Richard France, who’d won four on the loss side, including recent wins over Mildred Hill 6-2 and Obed Rosario 5-2.

France advanced to the quarterfinals with a shutout over Marando, as Ritter was at work downing Portillo 5-2 to join him. Ritter then defeated France 5-2 in those quarterfinals and in what proved to be his last match, fought and won his semifinal rematch, double hill, against Livering.  

Rose and Ritter agreed to the split. Rose, the undefeated occupant of the hot seat, became the event’s official winner.

The next B & L Billiards Tournaments event, scheduled for this weekend (March 4-5), will be a 699 and below Chesapeake 9-Ball Championship, to be hosted by Bank Shot Bar & Grill in Laurel, MD.

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