Saez Crowned FL State Poison 9-ball Champion 2010

Bill Mallen, Butch Croft, Robb Saez and Gary Gilsinan

Ultimate Billiards Hosted the $2000 Added Fl State Open 9-Ball Championships on the weekend of 8,21,2010.  The event drew 47 players which included some notable names Tommy Kennedy, Robb Saez, Jeff Beckley, Tony Crosby, Butch Croft, Justin Hall, John Foster and Jerry Calderon to mention a few.

There were some marquee match ups right out of the gate with Louis Altes turning a 5-1 deficit against Jeff Beckley into 7-6 win. Robb Saez would play an improving Jerry Calderon.  Saez looking strong would go onto win this match 7-2 and then follow it up wins over Todd Anderson 7-4, Jarred Schlauch 7-3 and then an 8-5 win over Anthony Meglino to get into the winners side final. One of the Surprise players on the day was relatively unknown player Jason Steman from Atlanta. Steman playing some great pool had people talking with some comprehensive wins over Louis Altes 7-2, Justin Hall 7-6 and then shock 7-5 win over Tommy Kennedy who was looking to try and take his 7th straight win on tour. Jacksonville's Butch Croft now stood in Steman way of a winner side final with Saez. Croft would prove to be to strong and booked himself a winner's side final with Saez after a hard fought 8-6 win.

While all this was going on Jerry Calderon was wreaking havoc on the one loss side after a 2nd round loss to Saez, Calderon would go onto beat Dave Ross, Richard Knight, Tony Crosby, Justin Hall, Raul Alverez, Jarred Schlauch, Jason Steman and then Anthony Meglino to put himself in the semi final and wait for the loser of Saez and Croft. The winner side final would be a very tight affair with both players matching each other shot for shot to take it to the wire at 7-7 Saez would hold his nerve to capture the hotseat with an 8-7 win. Croft would now have to deal with Calderon and that he did with a very convincing 7-1 win.

Saez would prove to be too strong, having played solid pool all weekend he would do the same in the final, Croft never managed to get out of 2nd gear as Saez raced to a 9-5 win to take the $1000 in 1st place prize money plus the Entry into the Steve Mizerak event worth $500 and most important The title of 2010 Florida Poison State Champion.

We would like to thank Ultimate Billiards for hosting another great event.  Our title Sponsor Poison cues, along with Delta 13 Racks, Simonis Billiard Cloth, Ozone Billiards, Tiger Products, Stroke It wear, Billiard Scoop, Azbilliards, inside pool, Billiards Digest, Stroke Magazine. Please help support our sponsors with out them we wouldn't be able to have so many great events.

The new Poison Tour Season will kick of at Hammerheads Billiards Lounge, Holiday Florida September 11th-12th. We look forward to seeing you all for another great season.  Check out for more info.