Sambajon undefeated at Ultimate Joss Stop

Santos Sambajon

The Joss NE 9-Ball Tour drew 53 players to a $5000 added event at Ultimate Billiards Club in Berlin, CT.

Santos Sambajon went undefeated and beat Kevin Freeman from Red Bank, NJ in a hill-hill match for the hot-seat. Freeman wasn't ready to go back to New Jersey just yet though, as he defeated Carlos Vieira 9-7 to earn another shot at Sambajon in the finals.

Freeman soon learned that Santos may be hard to beat in a Joss Tour event, but he is even harder to beat in the finals. Santos won 9-6 to earn the $2300 first prize. Freeman settled for $1700 in prize money. Vieira and Joe Tucker filled out the top four spots.

The Joss NE 9-Ball Tour will be at Renaissance Billiard Club in Quincy, MA next weekend for another $5000 added event.

Complete Payouts:
1st Santos Sambajon $2300
2nd Kevin Freeman $1700
3rd Carlos Vieira $1200
4th Joe Tucker $900
5th/6th Nelson Oliveira, Joey Korsiak $700
7th/8th Rich Ross, Jason Brown $500
9th/12th Tom Walter, Tony Ruberto, Tom Torres, Mike Zuglan $300
13th/16th Tom McGonagle, Sean Morgan, Dan Campbell, Mike Kieth $150

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe